Hi I’m Kim Wakefield with Side-by-Side Educational Consulting where we work side by side with educators to improve outcomes for all kids. Okay friends, welcome back to our series of: Our Spelling Tests Really Worth Your Time. I think we all know they’re not. So let’s look at the next instructional strategy that you can add to your toolkit to make your instructional time more effective. We call this one word sorts. Word sorts are one of my favorite activities to do with kids in the classroom, word sorts really get students engaged, you can work partners with word sorts, and it just allows for kids to be able to see and have many, many practice opportunities with spelling words. At the beginning of the week, we’ve already introduced the sound spelling cards that we’re working on for the week. And then with word sorting we’re allowing kids to be able to differentiate either the sounds they’re hearing or the spellings. There are several different types of word sorts that you can do, and there are lots of resources available as well. There are several different types of word sorts that you could use with your kids but there are a few that are highly effective. We have these routines listed step by step for you on our website and our resources toolkit, so please check those out so that you can learn how to use them in your classroom. Now, big teacher tip here. Okay, I wouldn’t try to introduce all the word sorts in one week, it’s going to be really important that you think about that gradual release of opportunity for your kids. So you’re going to teach them what the word sort is you’re going to model it for them. Once or twice. If you need to, even with a partner, you’re going to allow them to practice that word sorting, while giving them feedback. And then they’ll become independent with it. Once they’ve become independent with one word sort then move on to the next type. I can’t tell you how important it is to go slow to go fast. So in order for kids to be able to use these strategies to help them learn with spelling, we want to make sure that we introduce them one at a time, ensure that they can become independent with it, and then move on to the next type of word sort. Have fun word sorting in your classroom, I promise you, your kids will love it and you’re going to love the results, it’s going to bring up in your spelling game, be sure to subscribe so that you can get updated when our next video comes out: Dictation.

Link Word Sort Routines

Word Sort Routines are based on the work by Dr. Donald Bear