We have talked already about making sure that you have purposeful partners established, right? You’ve ranked your kids, you’ve established them as Partner A / Partner B, you’ve taught them those good listening habits so they’re not only listening to what their partner says but they’re really learning what their partner has to share. The next step in your lesson plans, you want to make sure that you have strategically planned how kids are going to think how much time are you going to give them when establishing a question. Then are you going to give them time to write down their thinking so that when they go meet with their partner, or they partner up, they have those thoughts and ideas, right there in front of them? So they know exactly what they want to say, then you need to make sure that we have structures in place for how they’re going to talk with their partner.

Finally, we want to make sure that they have enough time. So in your lesson plans think how much time is it going to take for each partner to think about what they want to say the answer to the question then write down what their response is going to be, and be able to have the time to share with their partner and add on if needed. And then finally, we’re going to get to the next video, which is going to be about providing structures or stems for your students when they are writing.

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